Screen Ruler V1.0.1a

Now Available!!!

Screen Ruler
Screen Ruler

  • Measure Pixel Distances on your screen.
  • Easy To Use
  • Great tool for software and web developers
  • Get a variety of different measurements from just 2 mouse clicks
  • Find Screen Coordinates with a click of the mouse
  • Get straight line distance between 2 points
  • Get vertical Y and horizontal X measurements
  • Get percentage of screen resolution measurements
  • Get angle from horizontal and vertical measurements
  • No Software To Install, Just Run The EXE File
  • Best Of All It's FREE!!!

To get started with Screen Ruler, read the instructions on how to use the software. Then click the download link at the bottom of the instructions. Enjoy!

Running The Program

Once you click the download link you'll download a file called ScreenRuler.EXE. To start the program just double click the ScreenRuler.EXE.

Using The Program

First click the "Start Measurements" button. Next, click on the screen the first point of the measurement, then click on the screen the second point of the measurement.

Once you click the second point all the calculations are performed and the information will display in the appropriate sections of the window.

The "Screen Points" section of the window will give you the actual screen coordinates of the two points that you clicked on the screen.

The "Distance" section of the window displays the following information once the two points are clicked:
Delta X = The difference in the two X coords of the two points
Delta Y = The difference in the two Y coords of the two points
Percent X = The percentage of your current screen resolutions width that the Delta X number is.
Percent Y = The percentage of your current screen resolutions height that the Delta Y number is.
Distance = The straight line distance between the two points.
Note: All of the distance measurements are in Pixels.

The "Angles" section of the window displays the angles from horizontal and vertical that would be made by a straight line drawn between Point 1 and Point 2.

Important Information About Screen Ruler

Screen ruler is designed for Windows™ Operating systems. Screen Ruler is free to use and does not install any software on your computer. Screen Ruler does require you to have an open internet connection so the software can check with the server to see if the software has expired. As newer version of the software become available, older version of the software will stop working. If at some point in the future you get a message that the program has expired, just come back here and download the latest version free of charge.

Here is the download link:

Download Screen Ruler