Business Services

I specialize in web application and database development. To a lesser extent I write desktop applications. I work as an independent contractor for numerous different companies.


Web Application and Database Development

Generally I'm contracted to provide customized data handling applications between different existing applications and databases and also to provide data migration from old data driven applications to new applications.


Desktop Applications

Most of the desktop applications I develop for companies fall into one of 2 categories. An application that takes a series of complex calculations, performs the the calculations quickly and error free, then outputs the data in a customized fashion for use in another application. The other type of desktop application that I'm asked to write is to take a tedious series of actions and develop macro's to perform the actions automatically with almost no input from the computer operator.


If your company or organization has a need for a custom application or a custom helper application you can contact me through the "Contact Me" section. Quotes are fee so don't hesitate to ask for one if you are taking bids on a project. Most companies that I do work for find that working with a solo programmer offers great cost benefits over working with a large software company. And that I am better able to develop a product that more completely meets their application requirements.