Auto Mouse Clicker V1.0.1a

Version 2 comming soon!

Click Here for more information on AMC2.

Auto Mouse Clicker
Auto Mouse Clicker

  • Automate Your Mouse Clicks
  • Easy To Use
  • Set Where To Click And How Long To Wait Between Clicks
  • Click Indefinitely or Limit How Many Clicks The Program Does
  • No Software To Install, Just Run The EXE File
  • Best Of All It's FREE!!!

To get started with Auto Mouse Clicker, read the instructions on how to use the software. Then click the download link at the bottom of the instructions. Enjoy!

Running The Program

Once you click the download link you'll download a file called AMC.EXE. To start the program just double click the AMC.EXE.

Chaos Key

Using The Program

First click the "Select Coordinates" button. Next, click on the screen where you want the mouse to click when the program is running.
Set your delay seconds. This is useful if you need a pause between button clicks for the program you are clicking on to perform some function in response to the click.
NOTE: If you set the delay really short, you may not have enough time between mouse clicks to move your mouse to the "Stop/Pause" button to stop the mouse automation. If this is the case you can use your keyboard to pause the automation by pressing "Ctrl-P". That is, hold down the "Ctrl" button and press the "p" button at the same time.
If you only want the program to perform a limited number of clicks then stop automatically, select the check box and enter the total numbers of times you want the mouse to click before stopping automatically.

Now you're ready to go. Click the "Start" button and watch the program move and click the mouse for you.

Remember: To stop the automation either click the "Stop/Pause" button or press "Ctrl-P" on your keyboard. To restart with the same settings just press the "Start" button again.

Important Information About AMC

AMC is designed for Windows™ Operating systems. AMC is free to use and does not install any software on your computer. AMC does require you to have an open internet connection so the software can check with the server to see if the software has expired. As newer version of the software become available, older version of the software will stop working. If at some point in the future you get a message that the program has expired, just come back here and download the latest version free of charge.

Now.... where did I put that download link?
Here it is:

Download Auto Mouse Clicker version 1

Version 2 of the program will be avaliable soon!

Check back often for the latest version of the program. More infomation about AMC2 can be found Here.